ANNUAL LECTURE SERIES

                              In 2004 the Lecture Series became the Distinguished Visitor Program


            Professor Amanda L. Tyler, Berkeley Law School -- Seton Hall University Law School, the 
University of Denver College of Law and the University of Utah College of Law.


            Professor Eugene R. Fidell, Yale Law School -- Syracuse College of Law, the University of 
Kentucky College of Law and the University of Toledo College of Law.


            Professor Tracey L. Meares, Yale Law School -- Drake University School of Law, UCLA
School of Law and the University of Oklahoma Law Center.


            Professor Neal Katyal, Georgetown University Law Center -- Wisconsin University Law School


            Professor Kenji Yoshino, New York University School of Law -- American University College
of Law, Louisiana State University Law Center and the University of Florida College of Law


            Professor Heather Gerken, Yale Law School -- the Ohio State University College of Law,
Pepperdine University School of Law and the
University of Iowa College of Law


            Professor  Saul Levmore , University of Chicago  Law School --  Loyola Law School,  University
of Tennessee College of Law and Wayne State University Law School


              Professor Michael J. Klarman, Harvard Law School --  University of Missouri School of Law,
Wake Forest University School of Law and William and Mary Law School


             Professor Jane Ginsburg, Columbia Law School  -- DePaul University College of Law,
UC Hastings College of Law and Texas Tech University School of Law


               Professor David B. Wilkins, Harvard Law School --  Chicago-Kent College of Law of Law and
University of California-Hastings.

           Professor Jesse H. Choper, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law -- Brigham 
Young University and University of Cincinnati.


            Professor Pamela S. Karlan, Stanford Law School -- University of Kansas and University of North Carolina


              Professor John C. Coffee, Columbia Law School -- McGeorge School of Law, Seton Hall  University School 
of Law and the University of Oregon School of Law

             1.    Judge Patricia Wald -- University of New Mexico School of Law.

             2.    Professor Joseph Sax,University of California, Berkeley, School of Law   -- Texas Tech University
School of Law, the University of  Nebraska  College of Law and West Virginia University College of Law.


             University of Kansas.  Professor Thomas O. McGarity, Our Science and Their Science is 
Junk Science:  Science-Based Strategies for Avoiding Accountability and Responsibility for Risk-
Producing Products and Activities
, 2 Kan L. Rev. 897 (2004).


     University of Nebraska.  Professor John Strong (University of Arizona), Consensual
Modification of the Rules of Evidence: The Limits of Party Autonomy in an Adversary System,

2001 Neb.L. Rev.  80 (2001).


       University of Utah.  Professor Saul Levmore (University of Chicago), More than Mere 
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         University of Houston.  Professor W. Michael Reisman (Yale University), International 
Legal Responses to Terrorism,
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        University of Arizona.  Professor Mark Neely (St. Louis University) and Professor Eric Foner
(Columbia University),  The Impeachment Trial of Abraham Lincoln, The Final Day, 40 Ariz. L. Rev.
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        Washington & Lee University.  Professor Charles T. 0gIetree, Jr. (Harvard University), 
Personal and Professional  Integrity in the Legal Profession: Lessons from President Clinton and

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          Arizona State University.  Professor Ronald M. Dworkin (New York University Oxford), In
Praise of Theory, 29 Ariz. St. L.J. 353 (1997).

         Fordham University.  Professor Michael Sandel (Harvard University), The Constitution of 
the Procedural Republic: Liberal Rights and Civic Virtues,
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        University of New Mexico.  Professor Gregory Williams (Ohio State University), Transforming
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